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Mother's Kiss


Motherhood is brutiful, a word Glennon Doyle coined that encompasses beautiful and brutal.  We live in a world that has many unrealistic expectations for mothers which we have internalized.  We are made to believe that we SHOULD "love every minute of it" because "time goes fast".  It is challenging to "love every minute" when they can be so hard, unpredictable, and taxing on our emotional and physical being. Transitioning into motherhood is complex, and although there are beautiful and loving moments, there are just as many that we believe we are failing because we are beyond exhausted, irritated, or lonely.  Mother's often have difficulty recognizing the "new me" and believe it to be a failure if this new role isn't coming easy or looking like how they believe "everyone else is doing it".  This is often depression or anxiety talking to us. 

Motherhood is one of the most important jobs but it isn't easy and no one deserves to suffer because of that.  Hormones and bodies are healing, how you perceive yourself is changing, your relationship with your partner changes.  Postpartum mood disorders and the adjustment to motherhood deserves to be met with care, connection, and compassion.  You are worthy of feeling good, knowing how well you are actually doing, and deserve support in connecting to your child, yourself, your partner, family, and the world.

Postpartum and perinatal disorders are common and highly treatable.  Treatment can address: 

Depression, Anxiety, Birth Trauma, Excessive Worry, Body Image, Intrusive and Scary Thoughts of Hurting Yourself or the Baby, Loss of Identity, Isolation, Inability to Sleep, Irritability and Rage, Relationship Issues, Disturbing or Obsessive Thoughts, Shame and Guilt, PTSD.

Mama!  You are important and not alone!

Perinatal and Postpartum Therapy: Services
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