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I grew up in Maryland in a suburb of Washington, D.C.  I was fortunate to be raised in a diverse area and early on developed a heart for social justice.  I went to undergrad in South Carolina and graduated from Coastal Carolina with a degree in Sociology.  My professional interests started here with an internship and work experiences with juveniles in foster care and the juvenile justice system. 

After graduating I followed a desire to travel and experience living in the Western U.S.  I moved to Flagstaff, AZ and worked at a respite care facility for juveniles. My passion for travel, social justice, cultural understanding, and working with people led me to join the Peace Corps.  I spent 2 years in Belize as a volunteer working in childrens' rights advocacy.  I learned more about life, people, cultures, and myself than I could have imagined and the experience changed me for the better.  It is because of my time and experiences there I knew studying social work would be a good fit for me.  I received my Master's in Social Work from University of Maryland, Baltimore in 2004 with a clinical/counseling concentration. 

Upon graduating I headed out west again.  Colorado had long been a place in my heart and knew I wanted to settle there.  I  got my first job working in community mental health and continued with different roles within for 9 years.

I met my husband in 2005 and after that knew Fort Collins would be my home. We eventually had two daughters a couple years apart and later rescued a sweet dog named Missy. I am so fortunate to be living in and raising my family with my partner in this community.  At times things feel balanced and at other times things feel a bit off track.  I am human and working through things hopefully with a little more insight and compassion as I continue to focus on my personal and professional growth. I have, and continue to take, professional trainings in trauma, perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, addictions, EMDR, and IFS. In my personal life I partake in growth opportunities through time in the outdoors, time with family and

friends, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual, and somatic practices.

It is a privilege to work in a career that feels like an extension of my values and who I am. I am honored to support people during some of their most difficult and vulnerable times and am in awe of the strength and courage I have witnessed.  I look forward to supporting you on your journey!

My Story: About Me
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