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We have to face the pain we have been running from.  In fact, we need to learn to rest in it and let it's searing power transform us. ~ Charlotte Joko Beck

Addictive behaviors and patterns exist in all of us.  Substance use disorders are rooted in trauma, mental health, and disconnection.  Our brains look to substances to feel different, in an attempt to heal, cope and survive trauma or difficult feelings.  No one sets out to become dependent however, substance use can be a slippery slope that can affect anyone regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status. It is a brave step to get support when struggling with substance use.  I take a holistic approach in treating addiction and abuse; one that is aimed at creating a healthy body, mind, spirit, and connection with others.  It is a personal choice to decide if reduction or sobriety is right for you.  It can be scary and intimidating to challenge your relationship with substances but I can attest to the freedom and beauty clients have found as a result.  Life is about feeling all the feelings and we all have to learn how to feel, accept, and love ourselves while riding the waves of life.   I am in admiration of my clients that have done the very hard and inspiring work of healing from addiction.

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